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Unilateral divorce is available in the Republic of Haiti in accordance with the Divorce Code of Haiti enacted in to law on July 4, 1974.


GROUNDS: The only grounds used for unilateral divorce are incompatibility of characters.  Incompatibility is proven by the fact that one of the parties is seeking a divorce, therefore, there is no need to determine fault which would require proof or witnesses.


JURISDICTION: Jurisdiction is established by the fact that the plaintiff submits himself/herself into the jurisdiction of the Haitian Court for the sole purpose of obtaining a divorce.




FACT SHEET: We prepare the complaint from the information given on this form.


Documents required:


 1. Fact sheet.

 2. Certified Copy of the Marriage Certificate.

 3. Birth Certificates of any minor children.

 4. Proof of Citizenship: Passport is the only acceptable form of identification.

 5. Property Settlement Agreement (although Haitian Law does not require such agreement, if one exists it may be incorporated by reference into the final decree).  A copy of the agreement or information as to date and place of execution should be provided.


TIME INVOLVED: The divorce becomes final approximately 30 days after the initial hearing. The plaintiff should plan to enter Haiti and appear in Court at the initial hearing. He is not required to remain any specific length of time. He must enter the country to meet the residency requirement, to sign the complaint, and to authorize a Haitian attorney to represent him. Court closes at noon daily. Please call our office to confirm court date. Court appearance cannot be scheduled on the following holidays.

January 1

(Independence Day)

January 2

(Ancestors' Day)

Mardi Gras


(Good Friday)


(Corpus Christi)

May 1

(Agriculture & Labor Day)

May 18

(Flag & University Day)

October 17

(Death of Dessalines)

October 24

(United Nations)

COST: Please call 1 (800) 676-1589 or (480) 626-0209 for current cost and fees.

COMMUNICATION AND APPOINTMENTS: Telephone 1-800-676-1589, 480-626-0209. Fax (602) 865-7711. Email:


AIRLINES: It is our preference that clients scheduled for court in Haiti travel to Santo Domingo the day prior to the scheduled court appearance. We do not recommend overnight stays in Haiti which would be necessary for an early morning court appearance. Haitian courts close an noon. On the morning of the court appearance, the client will fly by private plane from Santo Domingo to Haiti accompanied by a representative of our office. The cost of the private plane is $1100.00 for the round trip from Santo Domingo to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This cost is shared by the clients who travel on the same date. They will return to Santo Domingo immediately after their court appearance.


ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Citizens from the following countries do not require a tourist visa, but must have a valid passport: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Israel, Liechtenstein, Monaco, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States of America. There is a $30.00 charge upon departure from the Republic of Haiti.


*Citizens of countries not listed above must have a PASSPORT and a VISA.  Visas are obtained by presenting their passports to be checked by the nearest HAITIAN Consulate.  Visas may NOT be obtained after arrival in Port au Prince   STATELESS PERSONS must obtain a special visa.  U.S. visitors (holders of one entry visas to the U.S.) who are not U.S. citizens may have the proper papers to visit the HAITI but they might not be allowed to return to the U.S.

November 1

(All Saints Day)

November 2

(Day of the Dead)

November 18

(Vertiers' Day)

For information call 480-626-0209 or  800-676-1589